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Best Ultra Marathon Running Technique

A new trend that has emerged among the young and the old alike is taking part in marathons. Marathons are usually fun-filled events that witness huge participation from people from all walks of life. But running in a marathon is not a walk in the park! One needs either professional training or at least some guidance to run in a marathon. You can get this guidance from the Ultra marathon Running technique Guide!

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. But how does one get ready to take that every single step?  How does one train oneself to complete or better,  win a marathon? The answer to these questions lies in an Ultra Marathon Running technique.

The initial emphasis in an ultra marathon running technique is to build the requisite mental toughness to cope with the herculean task ahead. Knowing is half the battle. As already mentioned in other pages of this site,  a marathon is a sporting event involving running distances longer than the traditional marathon length of 26.2188 miles. So we are looking at around 50 to 100 miles of marathon length.

You don’t have to be crazy to run an ultra marathon you just have to be prepared. And preparation comes from good guidance. Ultra Marathon Running Guide provides this guidance.

The first hurdle is to remove the mental block of how daunting the task seems. Most people don’t complete the marathon not because they are incapable of doing it but because they are scared or under-estimate themselves. So lose any kind of inhibitions you might have and believe in yourself, and follow this ultra marathon running technique.

After your mind is made up that the task is not otherworldly, the second important section of the ultra marathon running guide is physically preparing yourself. Remember the story of the hare and the tortoise?  It is not so much about speed, or even distance, it is about the amount of time you spend on your feet.

You have to accustom your body to run for a long time at a steady speed. It is not so much about being quick as it is about being consistent. Erratic running will tire the body quicker and make it more difficult to complete the marathon. Thus one must be consistent and not try to overpower his or her abilities.

Prepare yourself by improving your stamina, muscle strength and aerobic capacity in order to run a marathon, after all, it is a physical activity and physical fitness does matter!

It would help if you can find accomplices or training partners with the same goal. This would instil a sense of competition and you would work harder on preparing yourself. The more experienced your training partners the more you benefit.

Find a rhythm, a pace at which your body parts are synchronized perfectly and you waste the least amount of energy. You must also try to run on a terrain that you are going to race on. Facing a known rival is always easier than a mysterious one.

Ultra Marathon Running Technique

It would obviously be humanely impossible to dash the entire 50 miles or so of the race. You need to pace it effectively with long runs spiced with walking breaks. You must always be careful not to exhaust yourself from your stamina too early.

Desperation and adrenaline may aid you in a hundred-meter dash but for an ultra marathon you have to be a bit methodical about the proceedings. Also one must always remember to breathe from his or her nose while running and not from the mouth. This helps in keeping the stamina intact and thus makes the run an easy ride.

You must have a backpack consisting of the necessary items to survive that you might need until the end of the race. It must have energy drinks so you can replenish the electrolytes lost during the process of the race.

Other essentialities include energy bars, clean socks, alternative pair of shoes, sunscreen, Vaseline etc.  But also do remember that you must keep in the mind the weight that you are carrying around with yourself. Too many things will slow you down and get you exhausted more quickly.

You must also be aware of how much time you are going to take to complete the race eventually. Add about two hours to the best time you take during training.

It would help as when we are not sure about when we will reach our destinations we are likely to lose heart earlier. If we have in our mind the estimated time it is going to take to complete the race we would not be disheartened.

These are the essential checkpoints of an ultra marathon training technique guide. If followed religiously, your chances of emerging a victor on the day of the marathon would be greatly enhanced.

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