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Proper Running Technique

The best form in running is of course decided on whoever wins.  Some amateur runners tend to mimic the style of winners in marathons, and as a result, they neglect to perform a proper running technique.  You can say that in order to win a race, you should apply your own style and pace in running.  This may be true in some cases, but from a general point of view, your body decides what it feels best.

The correct running technique is not inborn to any individual; it is something to be learned.  When you speak of style, it refers to your movement on whether you are crossing your arms forward, or you’re bringing them straight up to one side.  It also refers to the way you raise your knees and other physical movements.

How to Run Safely

Some things determine your style in running, as well as the way that you should run safely through a proper running technique such as:

  • Foot strike or touchdown is the key element in running which is the way your foot contacts the ground.  You will notice that while some runners land through the balls on their feet, others land through their heels.  There are also those who land flat-footed.
  • When you’re engaged in a marathon, you should keep in mind that the key element in landing safely and effectively is called “pawback”. This term is applicable to the way you get your foot back before it makes contact on the ground.
  • In proper running technique, you should swing your leg up in a forward position, and get it back in preparation for landing.  This movement is important because it lessens your braking force in landing.
  • Remember that when you travel forward, you are getting inertia in your body like a flywheel.  While your body is constantly moving, it tends to continue in that particular direction except when it is obstructed by a force.

Correct Steps in Running

Proper Running Technique

When you employ the proper running technique, you can avoid sprains, strains, and other injuries that are commonly experienced by many athletes who neglect proper care just to win the competition.  Here are some tips for you to consider in joining a marathon:

  • The milder your pawback  is when you land, the more you are inclined to land slightly at the center of gravity through the back of your heel. The quicker your pawback is, the more you’ll land directly at the center of gravity on a flat-footed position.
  • In order to remain upright on your feet with smooth breathing ability, try to imagine like being a puppet suspended on air with a string attached on your head.  While you’re in a hanging position, gravity tends to align your head, pelvis, and torso.  Keep your chin up and look forward instead of staring on the ground.
  • One of the proper running techniques is moving your leg in front, creating a straight line, instead of a curve.  Your hips, chest, and face should be pointed forward.  This will preserve an effective center of gravity which can be moved easily over your foot.  Your arms should sway back and forth ‘though not traversing the invisible line located on the sides of your torso.

Wrong Movements in Running

  • Your error in landing through your heel can block your running progress.  This can result to a shock on your body that could cause an injury if repeated several times.
  • Once you land through your heel while your foot is pointing upward, it means that you’re not bringing your foot backward in a pawback motion.  This results in a tremendous force in landing, and this is why appropriate running shoes are made with built-up heels that will absorb the force.
  • When you land on the ball of your feet rather than through your heel, this could create a greater burden for your calf muscles.  This is the reason why seasoned runners prefer to wear the kinds of shoes that are known to possess strong energy-absorbing features.  These shock-absorbing shoes can reduce the tough driving forces and enable the runner to slow down.

Keep in mind that winning in a marathon with a serious foot injury is not great at all.  Foremost in your mind should be how to win without injuring yourself, so, you should implement a proper running technique.

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