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Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners

Some marathon runners take up the sport for the sole purpose of promoting a social cause and some do it just to keep themselves healthy and fit, and some have elaborate plans to be professional runners. Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners helps all the marathon runners in every way.

You are a beginner and therefore on the right page if you are not running at least 20 miles every week. You might be involved in all sorts of other games, swimming, tennis, football; you name it, but when it comes to running you are a novice.

More and more people are finding marathon running extremely interesting and exhilarating. People are getting very conscious about being fit, that they rightly believe that marathon running is the perfect way to have the perfect body.

You need a trainer who will tell you how many miles to do each week, divide them down to different days, and further narrow it down each hour. You do know, of course, that you cannot run beyond control.  Marathon training schedule for beginners will help you chart a plan that is user friendly.

Initially, the schedule will be for 6 months. But then, that also depends on how to fit or unfit you are. If you are healthy you can plan for up to 6 months or less. To know just how physically fit you are, you need to check with your physician.

He will run you through the routine tests and pronounce you fit or unfit and will also give you advice on what kind of food you should eat and how much liquids you should be consuming. This medical clearance is necessary before you start running.

 A plan is a must

One of the basic things that you have to remember while in a marathon training schedule for beginners is that you need to have a plan. If you have some idea of what kind of goals you are going to keep, the end result will be easier to achieve. You can start running by counting the miles. Start it simple by doing 2-3 miles a day.

You can increase it as the weeks go by. By 7 weeks, you will be able to run 7 miles at a stretch. This gain in running speed and stamina is the first step in putting you in the same wavelength as other marathon runners. You should have a plan about how much you are going to run each week, but don’t overdo it. Overdoing it can lead to injuries.

A healthy diet plan 

Is another important thing in the marathon training schedule for beginners. Without a healthy diet, you are not getting anywhere. Don’t stuff yourself with sugary foods and fatty foods because they don’t give you long-lasting energy. Eat only those foods that will help you build muscles, and eat a protein-rich food. All marathon runners should know how to hydrate themselves at the right time.

Two types of marathon training schedule

Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners

Once have passed the beginning stages you can be promoted to becoming an Intermediate and then to Advanced level.  Ideally, you would need only 6-7 months to build yourself to the next level. Though both the intermediate and advanced program schedules are shorter than the beginner level, you need to have a strong base before you move on.

Familiarizing yourself with  the terms

Once you enrol in a marathon training schedule for beginners you need to understand the jargon used.

Hitting the wall – Your energy might sap suddenly when you are running. It can happen to anyone and you might feel the strong urge to stop it all and just go. You might feel weak and lightheaded. Avoid such situations by recognizing your energy levels. Eat a nutritious diet and avoid fatty foods just before running. Indigestion is a serious problem when you run.

Nutrition Periodization – Your nutrition schedule will vary in the first week, the second week, the week after, and so on. You should learn how to sync your nutrition schedule and your training schedule. Meet the demands of your body by eating healthy.

Stepping Up Intensity – As the weeks go by you will be able to endure more and more miles of running. Your body will be able to bear the brunt of both workouts and running. Step up the intensity of running only after understanding your body and its capabilities really well.

Tapering –  Once you reach the last few weeks, especially the last 3 weeks prior to the week the marathon session is scheduled, you will have to taper. You need to rest a lot, load up on your carbohydrates, and run less. It will perfect your body for the final session and you will be fit and ready.

This was a detailed article on Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners.

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