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Marathon Training For Non Runners

Would you like to become another marathon champion like Abebe Bikila or Catherine Ndereba?  Is it your dream to get to the Olympics one day? But you are not a professional runner and you haven’t tried anything like that yet? You are starting from the beginning and you are wondering what kind of marathon training for non runners is the best?  Okay,  first things first and give a brief explanation of what a marathon is.

The marathon is a long-distance race in which participants continually go over a road track that is more than  26 miles long  (42.195 kilometers). It is challenging enough just to endure that physically while you must not forget your aim to try to be the first to get to the finish line.

You are expected to have hundreds to thousands of participant rivals once you are ready to go. Marathons are held all over the world each year. The good news for beginners is that recreational athletes are welcome. If you are an American citizen you can enquire later about marathons such as Buffalo Marathon NY, Memorial Day Marathon MA, Minneapolis Marathon MN, and others as well as about their schedules.

So, by all means, ask yourself if you have what it takes. If you possess a strong will,  endurance, if you are persistent and patient, the next step is going through a detailed medical check. You need to be absolutely healthy and to have good lungs and a strong heart. You must not take any drugs and it is preferable that you don’t smoke either.

From now on you need to be responsible about the time you eat and what kind of food and drink you take in. You will have to get used to sleeping soundly and regularly. Get some pairs of extra comfortable running shoes.  Now you’re set to engage in marathon running.

Planning marathon training for non runners begins with making a suitable training schedule one should always stick to. If you can not afford to pay for a real personal trainer, simply invite a friend to measure your time, help you pick your tracks and mileage, encourage you, and be there for you if needed.

Here’s a sample of a schedule you are, however free to rearrange the essentials. Your own schedule will do as long as you don’t train really hard or for very long hours in a row.

Marathon Training For Non Runners

On Mondays and  Tuesdays you should do as follows: Do warm-up exercises, run to your destination at a moderate speed. Never forget to stretch after the run.

On Wednesdays take a brake. Yes, it is very important in marathon training for non runners. Get good rest. This way you prevent getting injured.

On Thursday and Fridays, there is something we call cross-training activity. It means you should go swimming or go to the gym or practice any sport of your choice for 45 minutes. Keep in mind that you need to stay strong by Saturday when you should try the long run.

Marathon training for non runners gets serious on Saturdays. It is the time for a long-distance run at a slow pace. Warning: Expect difficulties and spasms during the long run caused by losing breathing rhythm. The best advice on how to overcome the issue would be to time your breaths with your steps. Note that learning how to breathe normally and talk during your run can greatly enliven marathon training for non runners.

On Sundays, you can have just a  short run, make it very easy and comfortable since this is just to loosen up your muscles.

All marathon champions have been in your shoes before, so take courage for you’re in great company.

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