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How to Treat Ankle Sprains

Runners come and go. You’ll be competing with those who trek the African plains and the European hills and fields. So here’s the most important question. When was the last time you carried out a swift and satiable mile- round run? Are your feet and the majority of lower body-half time tested to avoid something as easy as how to treat ankle sprains?

Common knowledge preaches the use of Epsom salts to bake your injury in hot water, and another ingredient- vinegar to fry the bugger in a soaked brown paper bag, aligned with precision around the foot. But whatever method, give back to the community- you might want to post your solution somewhere and how long it took to get with the program and back on the road.

Before I discuss another method, a popular acronym for beating the odds of a slow recovery, let me preside a bit over the necessity of good prevention. Here are some questions that follow no particular order of importance.

What are you wearing? Don’t be trapped by sweatpants or even windbreakers when shorts will do the trick, freeing the sweat and grease off your skin, to outpour down to the toes.

Do you know what else can help you treat ankle sprains? THE RIGHT FOOTWEAR! Maybe some others are conditioned to run under severe heat that is freed throughout the body with a pair of sandals.

The custom-runner, however, will opt for lightweight fabrics and soles; here’s a sample list of just-the-right things for a company I used to work for: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/mens-lightweight-minimal-running-shoes. (or sample another catalog)

And do you know what else is important? The atmospheric level and rise of the plateau above sea level; that right there is the key condition for several African regions presiding over the 1st and 2nd place trophy winners in the Boston Marathon…

Now if you just might suppose the relative theory espoused in something childishly simple as Action Comics: a being from another planet experiencing mutations when placed in different solar conditions, think for a moment something like a U.S New Englander moving away at the end of winter to satiate training in the Sahara.

Isn’t that practical: waking up to the heat of the sun, strapping on your portable tent; and waging war on terrains, such as the Gobi or Sahara, just like the ROTC members were seen in the Boston Globe, with their proud arms raised to the air, not even for second flinching at the weight of their gear.

The acronym I mentioned before, composed like an old wives’ tale, that yet stands the test of time bestowing a clear-cut method on how to treat ankle sprains is simply known as R.I.C.E. Anybody across the globe can get sick eating too much rice.

But this adoption of the common staple in a significant proportion of the global population does its the job of showing the statistical majority that can benefit from, here I go again, R.I.C.E. So here’s that method on how to treat ankle sprains: remember to REST; implement ICE; circle the ankle for COMPRESSION with a binding that doesn’t inhibit the underlying holistic current; speaking of Eastern treatment, ELEVATE your leg with crunches north of your body.

How to Treat Ankle Sprains

If all else fails, call the New England Physical Therapy Network at 800-238-6378, an option especially if you want to engage in the North Eastern marathons. And it will be tough to stand your ground at these miniature Olympics when the location is key.

If you want off-beat answers and solutions to make your friends join the jolly ride, think about the location for a second. On a University track, strap on some ankle weights measuring no more than 2 1/2 lb weights and hit that public rubber terrain whenever the school’s track team doesn’t need it for their own “greedy” footwork.

Finally, to sustain the conditions of heat and sweat with a body crossing cement and iron, try out a nearby sauna, elevate your legs along the bench and let two weights, more than ten, less than 30- rise above the grind of your shoulder, leaving the blood to travel across thighs, ankles, all of which, this special yogic energy returning from your heels.

Let Achilles live out his own damn irony. Fitness is simple and doesn’t beat to a rhythm of FATE. Remember, prevention is key: don’t get into a hot spot, unless you prepared to cook in the proverbial kitchen, and you don’t have to struggle through the training.

Remember to strike a balance of perspective and mindset, and your body will follow through with the mind-body-SHIELD union. Carry-on.

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