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Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Good long-distance runners with high arches must have running shoes that provide maximum sole cushioning and less support for the medial (side of the arch) region of their foot. Having high arches is the least common foot-type that an individual can have. While there isn’t one best running shoe for everyone, the best running shoes for high arches all have some things in common

Selecting the right shoe for your feet is a must, as the wrong choice could lead to heel pain, which will keep you inactive and off the course for at least two weeks to recuperate from the injury.

Stubborn runners will attempt to overstride to compensate for the sudden foot pain, and this could lead to sustaining further injury around your calf muscle.

Your arches act like a shock absorption or cushioning system for your body. This allows runners to roll their feet inward with each stride taken. Having high arches hinders this process and shifts the runner’s weight to the outer edge of their feet.

Without the proper running shoes, a long-distance runner with high arches could sustain plantar fasciitis or soreness that runs from their heel to the middle of their foot.

Here are the best running shoes for high arches:

Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Saucony Grid Cohesion NX

Long-distance runners love the Saucony Grid Cohesion NX running shoes because they’re stable and sturdy suitable for any weather condition. Also, it adds extra support that a person with high arches will need to complete a good run pain-free.

Structurally, your arches will fit perfectly inside the Saucony Grid Cohesion NX running shoes, as they help support the arch without putting any undue pressure on the foot. The mesh material makes the inside of the shoe feel cooler and very light on your feet for extended runs. The Saucony Grid Cohesion NX soles are very cushiony and soft, thus they are considered the most comfortable running shoes for individuals with particularly high arches.

New Balance 890V2

The New Balance 890V2 running shoes is considered a hybrid, an extremely light-weight running shoe that still provides enough cushion to deliver support for high arches.

Remember, it will take time for an experienced runner to adjust to using a more light-weight running shoe. The New Balance 890V2 is quickly becoming the running shoe of choice by long-distance runners, as they all have been encouraged by the end results.

Runners with high arches seem especially at home inside this shoe, as the arch support provides excellent traction on wet surfaces. Your arches fit perfectly inside the shoe, as the extra padding also provides support for under the mid-foot. The shoe molds around your foot, and this is great for competitive runners. You will discover that your stride isn’t comprised at all by the excessive arch support provided by the New Balance 890V2.

Asics Gel-Kayano

Experience long-distance runners cannot believe how lightweight the Asics Gel-Kayano running shoes are, as they provide great support for high arches and feel like a natural fit on your daily run. No doubt this is the lightest running shoe ever offered by Asics.

Most of the Asics Gel-Kayano’s weight is in the heel, as this is due to the extra cushioning material. The gel cushioning technology distributes the shock of the constant pounding from running all throughout the foot instead of going directly to your heel. This technology is unlike any other shoe currently offered on the market.

If you run moderate distances on a weekly basis, then the inner stability and support from this shoe are ideal for your high arches. If you’re looking to increase your distance (possible marathon training), then you will quickly realize the Asics Gel-Kayano is just as effective as any other running shoe designed for long-distance running.

The versatility of these shoes is remarkable, as they’re a great choice for a long-distance runner, while still suitable enough for someone that needs arch support on a daily basis. In each case, you receive excellent cushioning and arch support to prevent injury.

This was the guide for best running shoes for high arches, You can also read about Best Running Shoes for Men

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