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Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees

Whether you are in training for a marathon, or just running to stay fit and healthy, proper running shoes are a must.  Running can sometimes cause soft tissue injuries and stress fractures, so finding the Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees is a good way to begin your search for running shoes.

In addition to a good pair of running shoes, strengthening the muscle attached to the bone will reduce the risk of stress fractures.

A runner’s stride also impacts the effect running has on the knees.  The less time a runner’s feet spend in the air, the less force they strike the ground with.  Therefore, runners can reduce their risk of fracture by reducing their natural stride.  However, reducing one’s stride generally slows down the runner.

So, a better option, especially for competitive runners, is to find shoes for a runner’s particular gait.  This can help reduce impact without having to reduce stride, thereby slowing their run.

Three different running shoes make the top of the list as Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees.  The Nike Zoom Vomero + 5 are great running shoes.  The Nike Zoom Structure Triax + 15 also made the list.  And, New Balance made the cut with their 1012’s.  Take a look at these three running shoes and see which one is right for you.

The Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5 running shoe is made for runners with a neutral gait.  If you want to impact protection, this is the shoe for you. Updated cast polyurethane saddle provides added energy, drive, and improved fit. The anatomically shaped external heel counter, full cushion midsole, and extended crash pad adds cushioning for improved transition and long-wearing durability.

The Nike Zoom Structure + 15 offers just the right mix of comfort and stability.  Your feet stay put with the asymmetrical fly wire midfoot and heel panel.  These shoes are strong and lightweight but offer great support.  The midsole crash pad helps absorb shock to make it easier on your bones and knees.

The carbon rubber along the heel helps resist abrasion and makes these shoes durable.  The deep flex groove along the length and width of the shoe makes your gait more efficient.

The New Balance 1012 is a fabulous shoe for high mileage runners.  These shoes offer excellent stability and motion control.  N-energy, in the midsole, provides these shoes with advanced shock absorption and cushioning which could make these the Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees.

These shoes also have lightning dry wicks that help keep moisture away and your feet dry and comfortable.  The New Balance 1012’s use a dual-density collar; a softer density foam against the foot for cushioning, and a firmer density foam for support.

Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees

The foam delivers comfort and Breathability while keeping odor away.  The rubber outsole of this shoe is flexible and light.  The support system of this shoe provides a smooth transition from heel-strike to toe-off.  And, the lockdown liner is integrated into the lacing to provide optimal fit without smothering your foot.

Which shoe is the best running shoe for bad knees?  You decide.  You can’t go wrong with the Nike Zoom Vomero + 5, with one of the best impact protection systems.  Or, test out the Nike Structure Triax + 15’s.  These shoes will make your gait more efficient.  And, lastly, the New Balance 1012’s are also great running shoes.

These shoes are perfect for high mileage runners, because of their advanced shock absorption and cushioning.  Shoes are one of the most important tools of a runner.  Choose the right pair for you.

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