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Best Pre Running stretches

Pre running stretches are body warm-up methods for the strenuous running session.  Runners,  professional or amateur, need to practice Best Pre Running stretches to keep muscles safe from injuries while running and related jerk and sheer exhaustion.

Stretching is beneficial to keep the human body in shape and it’s like a muscle conditioning that a runner needs while running at high speed and working hard to finish the deadline at his or her earliest.

It is important to practice stretching because by stretching you can to enjoy better muscle strength and muscular flexibility and at the same time reduce the botheration of muscle soreness that may come after running session. Below are some of the best stretch exercises you can perform before running.

1. Wall Pushups

This pushup is one of the Best Pre Running stretches that will stretch your calves’ hips, back and shoulders. This can be performed in three variations. The first variation you can do by standing a few feet from the wall and placing your hands on that wall as your heel remains flat on the floor and lean in front as you stretch the muscles on the calf.

The second variation is done to strengthen the muscles that are under your calf. You will begin by bending forward and placing your hands on the wall, then bring your right foot in front and raise your toes. Stay in this position for some seconds then repeat the same stretch on the other side.

The last variation of wall pushup is hips, back, and shoulder stretch. Start in the same position as the rest of the wall pushups you have done. You will bend your body in front of your hips and place your hands on the wall; you will then lift your toes from the ground and push your buttocks behind. Release after a few seconds.

2. Piriformis  Stretch

This will stretch your piriformis muscles that are on your buttocks. This is one of the Best Pre Running stretches that are sure to help promote your overall flexibility. To perform this, you need to lie on the floor with your right leg crossed on top of the left knee as your right shin rests on the thigh on your left.

Now grip the thigh on your left with your hands and then drag your leg near your body. You will need to hold your body in this position for a few seconds then relax and repeat the same stretch on the other side.

3. Hamstring stretch

Best Pre Running stretches

This is known as one of the Best Pre Running stretches that runners should perform. This stretch is often done differently by different runners but the best-recommended way to perform it is to start by lying on the floor. You now lift to the air your bent right leg until it reaches 90 degrees from the floor.

Now with your back laid flat, hold your right thigh from the back using your hands and make sure your knees are straight. You will repeat this stretch on the other leg.

4. Quadriceps stretch

This stretch is one of the Best Pre Running stretches that will elongate muscles on your front thigh. To perform this stretch, you will need to stand using your right leg and you can use a chair to help you balance if you need to. You then bend your leg on the left side and hold your foot using your hand on the left.

Once in this position, you will need to stay in this stretching position for about 30 seconds after which you will release and again repeat the same on the other foot. The most important thing is how to choose the best stretches as this will help keep you safe and successful as a runner.

Although pre-running stretch ups are not tough to do it is to be done with the best integrity of concentration. Practising under an expert master or under supervision of a trainer is recommended for the beginners for prevention extra warm-up which may not prove good for muscle soreness.

It is always wise to practice these pre-running stretches on a regular basis so that the body and leg muscles always remains fresh and conditioned. Regular stretching improves muscle ligament flexibility.

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