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Best marathon training apps Online

A number of full-featured running apps are available to provide you with marathon training plans. Running apps have additional sound cue options for your workout. You can choose to hear how far and how fast you’ve been running, as well as the remaining distance to be covered. In this article, we have listed down Best marathon Training Apps Online that will surely help you in your marathon training plans.

While running apps are not meant to train people for races, some top apps can download weekly training plans to be followed. The right training will assist you in accomplishing your goal and reaching the finish line. Here are some of the Best Marathon Training Apps Online:

RunKeeper app for Android and iOS

This is one of the highly recommended running apps. It syncs your pace/speed, route, distance, and calories with your account on the website, Runkeeper.com. This app provides you with some basic workouts. Marathon training plans can be found on the website under ‘Fitness Classes’ and are priced at $20.

Once you purchase the week-by-week marathon training plan, it is downloaded to the Runkeeper app available on your phone.

A couple of distinct features allows Runkeeper to stand out; the recording of elevation changes and auto-pause. Elevation information enables you to observe a change in your pace when you’re uphill bound, and also to match the hills on the workout route with those in your planned race.

The auto-pause feature stops Runkeeper when you stop, to allow you to tie your shoe or tend to your dog, etc. resulting in accurate average speed/pace readings.

Marathon Training Apps from Shoe Manufacturers

Both Nike+ and Adidas’ MiCoach app are among the best marathon training apps online. But, the Adidas app comprises of more powerful features. A free training plan can be downloaded directly to the Adidas mi coach app. Nike+ however, does not download to an app, but, rather it formulates events on your private calendar. Both Nike and Adidas have produced a line of devices such as heart rate monitors to work together with their apps in measuring training.

This was one of the initial running apps that tracked a person’s route, pace, and provided audio cues. At first, the app worked with a shoe sensor. Now it uses the GPS on your iPhone. Shoe sensors can be applied when paired with an iPod nano.

With the Nike+ app, you have the option of selecting either time or distance of a run. Interval training and workouts are not available. You can log into your Nike+ account to get a marathon training plan. Plans can be located by clicking on ‘coach’ in your dashboard sidebar.

There you will find plans to prepare you for the New York City Marathon, the Nike Women’s Marathon, and the Chicago Marathon.

The training plan can be downloaded as an ICS or PDF file which will automatically fill your calendar. You will receive daily calendar alerts with particulars of a day’s work out together with the length you need to run. Tap ‘distance’ in the app, and record your mileage to end the day’s workout.

If you’re a beginner, you will be thankful for the training terms in Nike’s glossary as you get to understand how to proceed when the workout needs speed play, Fartleks, or short intervals.

This is among the Best marathon Training Apps Online which are suitable for all kinds of training and is considered among the best marathon training apps online. Adidas miCoach app helps you to establish your current level of fitness so that you may determine the speed and vigor to place in your run.

Your training plan will indicate the particular zones where you will train every day.  The zones have color codes: Easy walking is shown in blue, steady running has a green color, fast running is shown in yellow, and red color for maximum effort

Best marathon training apps Online

Before you commence training, do the 12-minute assessment run. The results will show you the pace to run in each zone. The 12-minute assessment allows you to train at a proper pace to avoid injury due to premature over-training. You will also be able to see when you are not running at full potential.

You should follow the color-coded effort zone while running and obtain sound cues to inform you about when to slow down or speed up. Adidas miCoach uses heart rate monitors together with accessories to channel data to your iPhone. You can view your progress on an In-app chart or you can get more detailed analysis through sync with your MiCoach online account.

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Now that you know some of the best marathon training apps online, why not try them out? If you use the best marathon training apps online, you may as well be having a training coach. The Perfect Training App will allow you to achieve your goal and get past the finish line.


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