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Best Marathon Running Belts

If you’re training for a long-distance running event, such as a marathon or half marathon you will surely find this Best Marathon Running Belts guide very helpful as you may have already realized the need to carry your energy gels and other items during your long runs and the race itself. If you’re planning on using the water stops during the marathon, you’ll need something else to hold all your stuff and Running Belts are one of them.

As a marathoner-in-training, you’re running long enough that you need to hydrate during your runs. Since finding fluids on the run isn’t always easy, many long-distance runners use hydration packs such as a Fuel Belt to have their fluids close at hand. These are the Best Marathon Running Belts, they can hold a lot, but still won’t be too bulky.

The SPIbelt may look small, but this sleek belt expands and can securely hold an iPod, Blackberry, cell phone, keys, up to five energy gel packs, and other small personal items. The SPIbelt does not bounce, ride, or shift while running or doing other activities. The belt is adjustable, so it can fit most waists from  24″ – 40+”.

Made of breathable material, the Nathan Gel Pack is extremely lightweight and has a unique feature: a trash pocket, for those used, unwanted, sticky gel wrappers. The gel pack contains a key clip and can be used to store other items as well.

The Amphipod micro pack is perfectly sized to carry keys, cash, energy gels, or an iPod mini, nano, or shuffle. It fastens securely and the pouch rests on the inside of the waistband, allowing the runner easy access to contents.

Incorporating the essentials of the Run Safe Initiative wearing reflective, carrying identification, and bringing along a cell phone for emergencies into an easy and lightweight waist pack, the Nathan Reflective Belt is an all-in-one belt that keeps runners and their valuables safe.

Even if you plan to carry fluids in your hand-held bottles for training runs and use hydration stops during the marathon, you’ll still need something to hold your nutrition and other necessities. This waste carrier from Amphipod features three internal pockets designed for keys, cash, electronics, energy gels, jelly beans, and other essentials.

Its hybrid mesh technology licks away moisture and circulates air between your back and the pack, so it won’t feel hot and constricting. It also has a fully adjustable belt for a comfortable fit. This could be one of the best marathon running belts on the market.

Fuel Belt’s Helium 4 makes it easier to carry your fluids. The belt is made of ventilated foam pads, which help make the belt lighter, comfortable, and breathable. The belt has a Velcro closure, which makes it very easy to adjust on the run.

It also has a detachable race pocket that can hold gels, money, keys, and other essentials. It comes in four different colors, so you can choose one that fits your style best.

The iFitness Ultimate Running Belt is perfect for the long-distance runner. This is one of the best marathon running belts on the market. It has six elastic slots to hold your gels on your belt, for easy access. The zippered, stretchy and sturdy pouch, made of neoprene will keep your cell phone or iPod (any size) dry. It also has an inner pocket to keep your ID, credit cards, or cash secure.

These are the very Best Marathon Running Belts on the market so pick one up and see how much it helps your running. you could find that all you’ve been missing is a really good running belt to get you on your way to running a quicker marathon.

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